Prove Your Fitness Knowledge By Naming The Activity That Burns More Calories

By: Adam Koury

Arguably, we are living during a fitness and health revolution! We are constantly figuring out ways to ‘live our best life’ and look good doing it. One of the cornerstones of a proper exercise regimen is the process of burning calories, the bad kind of course. Can you determine which activities burn more calories? Some answers may surprise you!

*The calorie amounts given in this quiz are based on one-hour of activity for a 170-pound person. A person weighing less will burn fewer calories, while a heavier person will burn more.

Quiz Written By:
Adam Koury, Quizmaster
An avid moviegoer and television junkie, Adam Kourey is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. He currently teaches a life skills class to high school seniors in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and he's also continuing his own education as he earns a masters degree in education. Adam is a freelance writer in his spare time and loves to play trivia games, especially those related to the entertainment industry. Adam believes being an only child and being entertained by television and the movie industry are responsible for his love for pop culture. Adam worked for several years for the Jefferson County Board of Education teaching reading to high school students. After moving to Indiana with his wife, Jaley, he was hired by the Homestead Senior High School. Adam loves working with kids and loves to challenge them daily on their knowledge of millennial pop culture. Adam boasts he knows TMZ, E! Entertainment Television and the newest and oldest celebrities like the back of his hand. Often referred to as a culture addict, Adam believes there are multiple reasons students should stay current with pop culture. Challenging and encouraging kids to participate in trivia games will help them advance in their career and improve their networking skills, says Adam. He encourages his students to read newspapers, watch CNN and listen to the radio. In addition, he recommends using Twitter to follow great organizations, celebrities and local entertainment. Adam and his partner enjoy doing a variety of things, like bike riding, canoeing and even volunteer locally when time allows. The couple continually looks for ways to invest and give back to their community.