You Eat Them, But Can You Name Where These Foods Grow?

By: Rachel Bailey

Food comes in all different shapes, sizes, and forms for our delicious enjoyment. Our planet facilitates varying environments that play a vital role in the organic production of essential consumable items. Do you know where these foods grow?

Quiz Written By:
Rachel Bailey, Quizmaster
Rachel Bailey is a lifelong puzzle enthusiast and a pharmaceutical rep who grew up in Cool Springs, Ohio. She studied public relations at Northern Kentucky University before moving to Nashville, Tennessee where she currently resides with her husband Rick. Rachel works for Cumberland Pharmaceuticals, a specialty company that develops branded prescription products. Rachel grew up in a home surrounded by three sisters and two brothers. Always looking to be challenged, the family spent many nights at the dinner table working puzzles of all sorts. Throughout high school, Rachel participated in various sports, however, she always had a passion for completing puzzles with her family. Her love for puzzles continued well into her college years as she joined various groups who shared her interest. Rachel always felt that puzzles challenged her brain, yet found the activity to be extremely calming at the same time. Her desire to be challenged and her desire to meet new people led Rachel to a Pub Trivia Quiz at Geeks Who Drink in Nashville, where she met Rick. The two were on opposing teams that night, but after a few drinks and a few dates, the two became partners and have been inseparable. They now travel to participate in weekly trivia games and have organized multiple trivia game nights in their own home. You guessed it; puzzle sorting has now been replaced with trivia at holiday and family gatherings. When the couple isn’t playing trivia, they like to make the most out of their spare time and have most recently taken up the game of chess. Rachel says it takes her back to her childhood because, like puzzles, chess can be played while sipping tea and it helps evoke stimulating and meaningful conversation with those you love.