The Ultimate Pop Princess Challenge

By: Joseph Foster

Do you visit TMZ, People and other celebrity websites everyday, scouring the headlines for news and gossip about pop princesses? Does the fact that Taylor Swift or Ariane Grande will soon put out a new album immediately send you into wildly happy fangirl or fanboy mode? If so, you will love taking our Ultimate Pop Princess Challenge quiz that tests your knowledge of past, present and possibly future pop princesses.

The phenomenon of pop princesses first exploded like a “shining star” in the 1980s when Madonna gave her now infamous performance on MTV where she rolled around onstage in a sexy wedding dress singing “Like a Virgin”. Then came 90s pop princesses Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Brandy with their cheeky yet sultry brand of contemporary music that burned up the billboard charts for months. Madonna was still making music in the 90s but couldn’t really be deemed a “pop princess”–more like a “pop queen”, right?

Beyonce, Alicia Keyes and Britney Spears (who said pop princesses eventually fade away?) burst onto the 21st century pop scene with a slew of danceable, romantic and memorable tunes you still hear played on the radio today. Of course, if you are a pop princess fanatic, you’re still listening to their songs and keeping tabs of their oh-so-interesting lives online.

So you think you can beat our pop princess challenge? Think you know everything there is to know about pop princesses? Take our quiz now to indulge your inner fangirl or fanboy and learn what you may NOT know about your fave-rave pop singer.

Quiz Written By:
Joseph Foster, Quizmaster
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