Be Prepared To Zip Straight Through This Porsche Challenge

By: Joseph Foster

Did you know the Porsche Company has won more races around the world than any other company? Or how about the fact that the company once designed a tractor specifically for coffee farming? With such a rich heritage, it’s somewhat surprising that most of society knows very little about the Porsche Company.

The brand was founded in 1931, but it took almost an entire decade for Porsche to gain traction on the market. Its first prototypes were two-wheel drive, battery-powered electric vehicles. The Porsche 911 was built in 1963 and has continued to be one of the very few models to not go out of production since the 60s. Some of its original design is preserved in each new generation of Porsches.

Here’s another interesting fact. The Porsche logo was designed on the back of a napkin. It represents the coat of arms of Stuttgart, which is the capital of Baden-Wurttemberg, where the Porsche company is based out of. Chief designer, Ferry Porsche, created the logo while brainstorming logo ideas.

If you think you know everything about one of the biggest sports car makers in the world, or if you simply love Porsches and want to learn a few things, try zooming through our Porsche trivia quiz. Don’t feel bad if you can’t answer all of the questions correct the first time around. You can always take it again!

Quiz Written By:
Joseph Foster, Quizmaster
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